For late 1935 Fords (with painted dash, non wood grain)

Beginning in July of 1935 the black faced string wound 30 hour clock mirror was introduced.  The mirror glass has a non-silvered area for viewing the clock face. And a white circular wreath with hour markers.  The mirror design was changed  in November of 1935 to include lines below the wreath and V8 in a red oval at the clock face center as shown below.

These clocks were made by Western Clock Co. of LaSalle,  Illinois.  The pull fob on the bottom attached to a retractable string for winding.  This is an easy way to wind the clock with just a couple pulls.  The time set knob location was either above at about 1 o’clock or lower at about 8 o’clock. 

Below is the late 1935 clock mirror.