Parts for Ford Mirror Clocks

We have produced and have current inventory on parts as shown below.  At present we can provide the 1933, 34, and early 35 Sandoz style mirrors in both side wound and rear wound versions.  We make a replacement pull fob and pull fob washer for the 1935 and 36 string wound clocks.  We also have made sets of 1935 and 1936 hands painted and ready to install.  We have a very nice 35-36 black face dial.  The parts are reasonably priced.  Please email for details. 

Late ‘35 and early '36 clock dial, below, is made from a dial blank complete with bend tabs, in correct color and flat black background.

New Ford Hands for Black Face (Top) and Tan Face String Wound Clocks painted in correct color.

Pull fob and String Retainer Washer

Mirror for Rear Wound Sandoz Ford Clock

Below is the mirror for the Side Wound Sandoz Ford Clock.   The notch on the right side is to accommodate the winding stem.