Rear View Clock Mirrors for 1936 Fords

The early 1936 Ford clock mirror was a carry over from the later versions of 1935 clocks and was sold as an accessory for closed cars with a painted (non wood grain) dash and garnish moldings.  Some dealers ignored a letter from Ford recommending that this clock mirror not be sold for use in open cars due to the possibility of rain damage.  Of course , if the top was down there would be damage to more than just the clock in the event of rain. 

A tan faced clock was introduced in July of 1936 to coincide with the introduction of the  wood grained dash and updated instruments of similar design.  The tan face had a variegated center portion and the clock hands were brown.   The mirror remained the same.  All the 30 hour clocks for 1935 and 1936 had a gasket between the clock and the back of the mirror to protect the mirror from the clock edge. 

We can currently supply very nice black faced dials redone as original.