Rear View Clock Mirrors for the 1933, 1934, and early 1935 Fords

This is another view of the 1934 Precision 8 Day Clock Mirror

A Ford authorized accessory for 1933, ‘34, and early ‘35 was this beautiful rear view mirror clock combination.  The clock chosen was a fine 8 Day Swiss Jeweled clock branded “Precision” by Sandoz.  Similar clocks appeared on other cars as a “Sandoz Vuille” brand.  The clock shown at the left is wound and set from the rear.  Another Ford version was wound and set from the side as is shown below.

Because of the extreme rarity of original Sandoz made Ford clocks we are using original Sandoz Vuille clocks to re-create a beautiful Ford Clock as follows: 1) a good original working Sandoz clock from the mid thirties is cleaned, restored, and regulated,  2) the dial is redone to include a new scratch free finish, the Ford Blue Oval as designed in the 30s is added using the standard Ford printing process, the “Precision 8 Day printing is added in the same font that Ford used, and lastly, a protective coating is applied to keep the dial fresh for many years to come.  Ford style hands are also added to this beautiful clock.  The gold raised numerals and minute markers and bezel are also polished.

Below is an original 8 Day Rear Wound Sandoz Detroit Clock in a new mirror made to original design.  These clocks are very rare.  In the close-up photos below you will see the front and rear.  We do not have this clock for sale at present.  

The mirror corner radii and bevel details of a Ford mirror sold in the mid 30s  were used in the design of our new mirror.

The clock is attached to the mirror by two special shoulder nuts and a retainer housing.  We made a few of these nuts and this housing and can provide these at nominal pricing.  Please email if you are interested.