Contract Invention and Innovation Services

The owner of Braun Innovations, Dave Braun, is an inventor that has achieved over 150 worldwide patents and trade secrets involving a wide variety of technologies and products enjoying large and continuing global sales.


Most inventions arise from difficulty solving problems using existing methods.  They also stem from unresolved needs in the market place.   Creative engineering leads to important inventions and new products.  An innovation is a new idea that is put into practice and is then accepted by others, namely your customers. 


If you have unresolved problems or market needs that seek creative solutions we invite you to contact us.   A confidential disclosure agreement will precede any exchange of information.   Next you will outline the problem you wish to have solved.  At this point there is no cost to you.  Next, we will  work on several solutions that may be of interest.  You will then be contacted and if one or more of the ideas has merit a contract with measurable criteria and benchmarked goals  and payments will be generated and jointly signed.   We think you will like this low risk approach to growth and success………So, don’t hesitate to contact us.