Tech-Oil  Premium Valve and Key Lubricant

Tech-Oil is an exceptional valve lubricant for piston brasswind instruments. It may also be used as a superior key lubricant in woodwind instruments.  You can expect the following advantages and benefits in using Tech-Oil . . . . . . . . .

· Smooth Fast Valve/Key Action

· Exceptionally Long Life

· Valves Stay Cleaner

· Reduced Wear

· Reduced Water Migration

· Much Less Time Oiling Valves

· More Time For Your Music

· Help Others With Valve Trouble

We obtained permission to present a sample performance from our fine trumpet and cornet artists . Information about each recording is given on the artists' web pages.   Recordings are in MP3 format.  A recording of Dr. Walter Moeck will be included later.

Next we present biographical information of well known players usingTech-Oil with their comments about the product.  


Charlie Schlueter . . Retired Principal Trumpet, Boston Symphony Orchestra


Jerry Opland . . . . .Classic Cornet Soloist


Jeanne Pocius . . . . Performer, Author, Teacher


Charlie DeVore . . . New Orleans Jazz Cornetist


Walter Moeck . . .  Conductor, Composer, Principal Trumpet       



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