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Jeanne Pocius

Ms. Pocius performs the spirited Hornpipe from G. F. Handel’s Water Music composed in 1716 and premiered for his royal friends by King George I  of England on July 17, 1717.   This is taken from Ms. Pocius’ “Music for Christmas Eve” Album.   We are pleased to present this for your listening enjoyment.

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Jeanne Gabriel Pocius, known internationally

as the “Chop Doc.” is a recognized authority

and clinician on trumpet playing, performance,

embouchure analysis, and pedagogy. 

She has provided expertise to thousands of

trumpet players throughout the world through

Internet trumpet/brass websites and forums. 

Pocius is also an accomplished trumpet virtuoso

having studied under William Vacchiano of the

New York Philharmonic and Dan Patrylak of the U. S. Marine Band.  She has played lead trumpet for Aretha Franklin, Sergio Franchi, The Temptations, Joan Rivers, Bob Hope, and other name acts.  She has performed at the Montreal and Anguilla Tranquility Jazz Festivals.  Her recently published book "Trumpeting by Nature" (2007) is a brilliant culmination of her teaching and performing careers.  Her life passion of performing trumpet is only equaled by her love of helping trumpet players to play better and to overcome performance anxiety.