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Tech-Oil Technical Attributes

Tech Oil  Premium Grade Valve and Key Lubricant was developed by an engineer/musician for musicians.  It has superior performance attributes based on a careful developmental program over a several year period.  This resulted in a product tailored to the true needs of the musician instead of being “designed for frequent use” as are so many of today’s valve oils.  Here are the attributes:

Lubricity:  Tech-Oil forms a film between the piston and the valve casing.  The highly cohesive film resists sideways forces that otherwise cause metal contact and "sticking". Customers have noticed that Tech-Oil often solves sticky valve problems and saves trips to the repair shop.

Balanced Viscosity:  Valve oils that are too thin are weak in lubricity tests, while oils that are too thick are sluggish.  Tech-Oil is smooth and fast.

Stability:  The components of Tech-Oil are stable against atmospheric interferences that cause "gumming" in many valve oils.  When you wipe valves during cleaning, a dark residue is usually caused by these adverse situations.  With Tech-Oil, valves stay clean.

Volatility:  This measures the tendency of liquids to evaporate.  Many valve oils dry out too fast, requiring frequent application.  Tech-Oil stays in the valves by having a low rate of evaporation, allowing use even in hot weather.

Barrier Properties:  These properties were discovered by Charles Schlueter.  Tech-Oil repels water to keep breath moisture and contaminants out of the valve walls and lower caps.  We thank Mr. Schlueter for noticing this.

Long Life:  Our customers are amazed at how long Tech-Oil lasts.  Properly used, it should last between monthly cleaning intervals, even with lots of daily playing.  Some players get 2-3 months between applications.